A work in progress


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Anne and John left the house they always do, in a storm of rage depression and most of all lust. Anna slammed the oak front door doing so she caught her fur coat in the lock. John looked back at the women he once loved know having a heated argument with a door. Who could believe that the once beauty queen with all the air and grace of Grace Kelly could know be the women he saw before him, This insolent aggressive alcoholic piece of work that had just as much grace as a sewer rat. But yet he tolerated her for all her misguidance she was his and he was hers. Till death do us part was looking more like a life sentence than a marriage but as he always done he looked into her deep brown eyes and softly said “get into the car know or well be late again”. Anne looked at her husband and nodded in his direction “my coat is stuck in the door will you give me a hand?” of course my dear John shrugged as he closed the driver’s door and walked towards his aged wife. Have you tried opening the door? Of Corse I have what do you take me for thick she said with her usual aggressive tone. Give me the key John said as he snatched the keys out of his wife’s hand. There you go it’s out know if you don’t mind would you get into the car. I’m going as fast as I can. They both sat in there BMW 3 series with the added extra of alloy wheels listening to BBC radio 3 the Archers was on they both tolerated the over exaggerated goings on of the Ambridge cast. They were on the road for what 30 minutes was but what felt like eternity. As they pulled up outside the grey building Anne turned to John how about a little pick me up before we go in? It’s 10 o’clock in the morning you can’t start drinking brandy at this time of day. You can if you haven’t stopped since yesterday Anne chuckled to herself as she drank what can only be described as a sailors swing of drink. This was a site that john had come quiet accustomed to seeing his wife completely senseless with drink


What’s your favourite day????


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What’s your favourite day? I got asked this recently by a friend and automatically thought two things one aren’t we both a little old for asking a question like that ( thats the friend not me I like to hang on to the fought that I’m young at heart although my face seems to not show it). The second thing that popes into my head was when was the last time that I actually thought about having a favourite day I must have one its just taking the time out to look into my week and have a really good rummage (might not be the best faze in the world but hay ho I’m sticking with it) after rummaging around I suppose I don’t really know about this year I think it’s a little bit to early for me to say this is my favourite day or not but I can defiantly say that last year Thursday was my day nothing perticualy special happened on a Thursday only that was the time that me and some of my work mates would go out for lunch ( I’m a TA in case you were wondering and if ypu weren’t know you know) I say go put for lunch this ment that three of us would go and have a smashing curry whilst the other one went into Greggs causing me to have to go in with her for moral support and so that I could eat my own weight in cake (I don’t weigh that much by the way). After we got our ouch we would sit outside and gossip on what we had been doing that week and what we were going to be doing over the next thee days .
So there you have it my favourite day of the week I really hope that you have enjoyed reading this post as much as I have enjoyed living and writing it.

P.s please help me out by commenting I’m really new at this bloging thing and would really love to hear what you thought about it and what is your favourite day.

First draft of my new book


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you must come in. John stood at the foot of the door and ushered Margaret in. I wasn’t planing on staying but I suppose I could stay for just a while. Margaret shrugged off the last bit of snow that she had bought into the house on her coat. you look cold Margaret sit down there bye the fire, can I get you something to drink, or made something to eat you look hungry are you hungry. No,no I’m fine honest to God. John stop fussing and sit down I haven’t got long and with you walking around the room your putting me off what I’m thinking. John stopped pacing around his front room and sat down in the armchair that was adjacent to Margaret. the chair was old and the arms were well worn but it was still the most comfortable chair in the house. What do you mean you haven’t got long you just got hear. you know perfectly well why I am hear. I don’t actually.