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you must come in. John stood at the foot of the door and ushered Margaret in. I wasn’t planing on staying but I suppose I could stay for just a while. Margaret shrugged off the last bit of snow that she had bought into the house on her coat. you look cold Margaret sit down there bye the fire, can I get you something to drink, or made something to eat you look hungry are you hungry. No,no I’m fine honest to God. John stop fussing and sit down I haven’t got long and with you walking around the room your putting me off what I’m thinking. John stopped pacing around his front room and sat down in the armchair that was adjacent to Margaret. the chair was old and the arms were well worn but it was still the most comfortable chair in the house. What do you mean you haven’t got long you just got hear. you know perfectly well why I am hear. I don’t actually.