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What’s your favourite day? I got asked this recently by a friend and automatically thought two things one aren’t we both a little old for asking a question like that ( thats the friend not me I like to hang on to the fought that I’m young at heart although my face seems to not show it). The second thing that popes into my head was when was the last time that I actually thought about having a favourite day I must have one its just taking the time out to look into my week and have a really good rummage (might not be the best faze in the world but hay ho I’m sticking with it) after rummaging around I suppose I don’t really know about this year I think it’s a little bit to early for me to say this is my favourite day or not but I can defiantly say that last year Thursday was my day nothing perticualy special happened on a Thursday only that was the time that me and some of my work mates would go out for lunch ( I’m a TA in case you were wondering and if ypu weren’t know you know) I say go put for lunch this ment that three of us would go and have a smashing curry whilst the other one went into Greggs causing me to have to go in with her for moral support and so that I could eat my own weight in cake (I don’t weigh that much by the way). After we got our ouch we would sit outside and gossip on what we had been doing that week and what we were going to be doing over the next thee days .
So there you have it my favourite day of the week I really hope that you have enjoyed reading this post as much as I have enjoyed living and writing it.

P.s please help me out by commenting I’m really new at this bloging thing and would really love to hear what you thought about it and what is your favourite day.